Herbal-MedicineIt is our constant effort to make our relations better with our clients by giving them better services and offering them more reasons to do more business with us. In this effort we have ventured in to Ayurvedic/Herbal & Nutraceutical segment. We have been constantly working in with manufacturers to manufacture us with a wide variety of Ayurvedic/Herbal products. The products includes Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Cough Syrups, Health Drinks & Powders, Aphrodisiacs, Mineral Supplements, Supplements for treating various chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Blood Pressure, etc.

Our associate manufacturers have years of experience in manufacture of Herbal products. We have a dedicated team of Certified Herbal Doctors, who research for new and effective products. We can manufacture custom formulations on demand.

We are now also in to High Quality Indian Spices with our newly formed company SIDDHI MASALA . This is just in the beginning phase. We are working up on direct buying with the spice growers. This will ensure that we receive spices of the highest quality and keep the cost low.

We are now also in to exports of Aroma Products like Incense sticks, Aroma Oils, Aromatic Candles & Handmade Soaps.